Our Process

We try and ensure all women can access information about legal processes and that our advice and ongoing services are provided the women who need them the most.

A good place to start is to use the Eligibility Check below, which asks you a few quick questions about your situation to find out if we practice in an area of law relevant to your problem and if you are eligible for our services.

You can call the Centre’s Advice and Intake Line from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday on 02 6257 4377. Our Client Services team will talk with you about the problem you are facing and how we can help.

Depending on your situation, we can provide you with information or urgent legal advice over the phone, book you in for an appointment or refer you to another legal assistance service or private lawyer who can better assist


Are we the people for you? If we don’t practice in the area of law you need we can point you in the right direction.

Step 1

Use the Eligibility Check on this website to check we practice in an area of law relevant to your problem.
We can make an initial appointment provide info, urgent advice over the phone, or referral to a service that can better assist.

Step 2

Call our Advice and Intake Line on (02) 6257 4377 to see how we can help.
Initial appointments can help you figure out the range of issues involved, what you want to achieve and what your options are.

Step 3

Get some initial advice over the phone or at the Centre to clarify your options and possible next steps.
If you need more help, the Centre will review our capacity and consider your situation. If we can’t help we will try and find you another option.

Step 4

Assessment of ongoing assistance from the Centre.
We will take on your matter up to an agreed stage. We can represent you in negotiations, mediations and in court to resolve your matter.

Step 5

Ongoing legal representation, social work and cultural support.
When we get to the end of the agreed stage, we will talk to you about the next steps and how we can support you if the matter has not been resolved.

Step 6

Reassess your matter and your goals.
Our practice is focused on resolving your matter as soon as possible so you can move on to a safer and more secure future.

Step 7

Close your file.
Remember you can always get in touch again if you need more help or assistance from the Centre.

Step 8

Get back in touch if you need us.

Eligibility check

This eligibility check will ask you a few quick questions about your situation to find out if we practice in an area of law relevant to your problem and if you are eligible for our services. It takes less than three minutes to complete.

This tool is confidential. We don’t collect or keep any information you provide here.


Eligibility check
Do you identify as a woman? *

Will you take my matter on?

We are a small Centre, which means we can’t take everyone’s matter on.

If you need ongoing assistance, your matter will go to our Case Management process. We will consider our capacity, what support you need and a range of factors including:

  • What other options you might have, including Legal Aid, a private lawyer or self-representation.
  • Priority client groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women who don’t speak English, women with disability, women who care for kids with disability and women at risk of domestic and family violence.
  • How legal representation can help strengthen your financial independence and support your safety.
  • Prospects of success – do we think we have a good chance of being able to resolve your matter.

We go through this process to ensure our services are provided to the women who need them most.